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Take Advantage of our 38 Years Experience in Communication
Setting up a central communications station in your club house is not as expensive or as difficult.  Our hand held dual band er has the potential to become a base unit with just a few options.  The pic shows actual setup where the included desk charger becomes the main power source to run the radio.  Plug in the hand held mike / speaker to make it easier to operate and secure the outside antenna using the SMA to PL258 adaptor after removing to stock rubber duckie. 

This powerful hand held becomes a base unit for just a few bucks more .  Someone monitoring it during a large hunt will aid those on the fringe.  Relaying missed communications,  group notifications like a late added hunters position.  It all about safety when hunting in groups.  The Need to know where you are in relation the the other group members.

Here at Hunting Radios we have sold dozens of units used just for this purpose.  The versatile hand held is very powerful and its range is multiplied with the use of a external antenna.  The average distance increase will be 3 times over factory hand held antenna.  Place your antenna high at the base camp will keep all the members in the loop of communication.  Safety issues are improved and overall hunting experiences are improved.  If you need help in setting up your hunting clubs base unit, feel free to give hunting radios a call.  We will be glad to assist you.

Buy one of our combo packs and save.  Complete base application all in one package.  Pre programmed and ready to talk out of the box will a small  learning curve.  We even help you out with that.  Packed with each unit is a laminated quick reference sheet for those new to Hunting Radios.

NOTE:  Our radios are professional quality.  They are 2 meter units.  Some of the channels could require a license to operate legally in your state.  Private use becomes your responsibility.

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Hunting radio base setup
Perfect for your Hunting Club
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