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We want give away our list of channels we program for you free but we will list the bands they work in.  Our standard programming feature include the list below.  After you purchase your radio, return to the site and fill out our custom program form if you need additional programming.  Our radios will program up to 128 channels with channel naming to making it easy to navigate through the channels.  Fill out the form and submit it.  Before we ship your unit with standard programming we will add the ones you requested as well. If you elect to do the programming yourself, it can be done with a little effort from the keypad or through the programming CD purchased as a option. 

Factory:  No programming shipped stock

Standard:  Dual Band > Featuring 5 Channels MURS, 9 Channels GMRS, 14 Channels FRS
                Single Band > Featuring 10 channels Weather, 5 Channels MURS, 14 Channels Marine

Custom:   Includes above Standard Programming plus your preferences.
Program your own radio using these accessories
NOTE:  Our radios are professional quality.  They are 2 meter units.  Some of the channels could require a license to operate legally in your state.  Private use becomes your responsibility.
Handheld / Mobile / Base