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Camoflouge case doesn't make a hunting radio great.  In your search for the "BEST HUNTING RADIO"  power is the answer for any kind of distance.  But, how about the ability to open up the box and start talking right away. That makes a great hunting radio.  Check out the available features on our easiest to use hunting radio.

Dual band VHF/UHF 16 channel commercial transceiver. Freq. range: 136-174, 400-470MHz. Optional 2.5 step for FCC 2013 narrowband compliance. Upgraded 1700mAH Li-ion battery pack. Part 90 certified for commercial use
DESCRIPTION: Compact, high-performance dual band handheld commercial transceiver providing up to 5 Watts of RF power on VHF and 4 Watts on UHF, along with high audio output (500 mW).
Professional Grade Dual Band "Easytalk" Hand held 16 Channel HuntingTwo-way Radio
Each Set contains:

• Dual band radio
• Dual band high gain antenna
• Extended life 1700 mAh high capacity li-ion battery pack
• Intelligent desktop 3-4 hour rapid charger
• Desktop charger AC power cord
• Belt clip
• Wrist strap

Note: these Hand Held Hunting Radios are labeled and conform with the Radio communications (Compliance) Notice 2004.
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HUNTING:  Most requested Hunting Channels
*Custom:     Includes standard plus personal preferences see form
Select Programming in Cart
Using Some Frequencies
require license or authorization
Included in set
Warranty Information
One Year With Factory
Subject to Assessment -
Shipping & Handling Fees
Don't be fooled by so called hunting radios
Expected Range
VHF  5 Watt Up to 6-8 miles
(walkie to walkie)
Base to mobile 8-10 miles
Add additional accessories
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Frequency Range RX/TX
VHF: 136-174 MHz
UHF: 400-470 MHz
FM: 76-108 MHz (RX)

Memory Channels
16 channels (shared)

Operating Voltage
7.4 VDC

Operating Temperature
-22°F to 140°F (-30°C to +60°C)

Dimensions (W x H x D)
2.4 x 4.8 x 1.6 inches (61 x 121 x 39.5mm) (with 1700 mAh battery pack, without antenna)

9.7 ounces (274 grams) (with 1700 mAh battery pack) 

RF Carrier Power
VHF: 5W high/2W low, UHF: 4W high/2W low

Audio Output Power
500mW maximum
Hunters, looking for a powerful radio that is simple to operate, this is the one.  Similar power of our more feature Dual Band unit, this radio just makes sense.  Turning the channel knob on top toggles you through the 16 channels.  Just place others on the same channel and communication is a snap.  Range is the same as our Dual Band model.  Accessories are the same and they will communicate on the same programmed channels.  Hardened case makes this unit a durable unit for any environment no matter how extreme. .  Great hunting radio for those a little less electronic savvy, who just want to talk when they want.
•Flexible working modes (VHF/UHF, VHF/VHF, UHF/UHF)
• Selectable high/low power settings (VHF: 5W high/2W low) (UHF: 4W high/2W low)
• Includes extended life 1700 mAh high capacity li-ion battery as standard
• Includes intelligent desktop 3-4 hour rapid charger
• Loud speaker audio output (500 mW)
• Bright flashlight illumination function
• Meets IP55 waterproof rating
• English make voice prompts enable non-sighted operation (can be turned off)
• 16 memory channels
• Digital FM radio (76-108MHz)
• Wide/narrow bandwidth selection (25 or 12.5 kHz)
•Windows PC programmable, free software available for download. Optional low cost cable (SKU: WXUSB or WXSER) required.
• Radio to radio cloning with optional cable
• Same channel: VHF TX & UHF RX or UHF TX & VHF RX available
• 105 groups DCS/50 groups CTCSS
• DTMF encoding and decoding
• CTCSS encode/Decode (no decode delay)
• Low battery prompt
• Busy channel lockout
• Selectable transmit over timer (from 15 to 600 seconds)
• Selectable step sizes of 2.5 (KG-UVA1X only), 5, 6.25, 10, 12.5, 25, 50 or 100 kHz
• Multiple scan modes
• VOX Function (adjustable level)
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2 way hunting radio
$169.95 ea.