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In your search for "THE BEST HUNTING RADIO" you will probably be directed to a large group of radios under the tag of hunting radios.  Sold under well known names from well known manufactures.  These groups of tagged hunting radios do have a place for the casual hunter that needs no more than to talk to is buddy less than a mile away.  The range of these units is soley controlled by their power or wattage output.  Advertised ranger will vary but must boast of 20 to 40 miles.  Great numbers but there is one problem.  It is impossible to achieve these distances  in the real world with the wattage ratings these radios sport.  Hills and trees in your world will effect a radios potentional and will most certainly effect these low wattage radios.  Read the reviews associated with these hunting radios and you will find actual feedback on their performance.  The reviews state actual distances were closer to one to two miles.  But how could this be.
These are name brand manufactures.  It all about the numbers game. The one with the greater distance usually wins in sales.  It called marketing.  I am sure in some way the manufacture can explain that their radios actually can talk that distance.  You can do the scenarios.  In any case your world has several reasons why your actual distance will be a lot less.  So that 2 pack for 99.00 might not be such as deal, in your world if you need more than a mile or two.

If you are looking for distance power is king.  Our units are not just hunting radios.  They are Professional hand held units that sport 5 watts VHF and 4 watts UHF.  Frequencies used by Game Wardens, Park Rangers, State & Federal Frequencies and more.  If you are serious about a hunting radio you will get your monies worth with our radios.  With the free programming we offer you can start using the units right out of the box.  The standard programming features the channels most ask for in hunting radios.  Our dual band even sports a FM Radio.  Both will receive local weather channels as well.  So if you are looking for "THE BEST HUNTING RADIO" money can buy, look in our world for your hunting radios.
It said 35 mile range
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